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The No-hussle Plan to Help A Busy Mama Like You Select, Prepare, and Safely Feed the 100+ First Foods to Your Baby Without Meal Battles.

So you have successfully been helping your baby thrive over the last few months with breast milk and/or formula, and maybe even some first foods like avocados and sweet potatoes... and that’s no small job, so take a second to pat yourself on the back!

By now, you probably have realized that it’s time to take the next step keeping your baby healthy and growing. And you might be wondering and stressing about what to feed your baby next...

Being a Mom isn’t easy… at all.

We are constantly required to be focused, juggle our many duties, and our baby’s care to boot!.

Does this sound familiar? Feed your baby; change their diaper; cuddle them to sleep; play with them; keep current on doctor’s appointments; be awakened in the middle of the night to feed and put them back to sleep…

The list goes on… and that’s just the first few months!

So you’re probably a sleep-deprived, exhausted mama…

And, even if you do all of this with extreme pleasure and love towards your little one, you’re lacking time to do anything else but take care of them. Juggling work and motherhood isn’t easy, especially when you strive to provide your baby with everything they need, including a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Therefore, when the time comes for you to tackle your baby’s transition to solid foods, you want to take action but...

Where to get credible information? Who to ask? How to start?


You turn to the old, “trustworthy” Internet, scavenging for answers.

Moms from all over the world unite in Facebook groups and forums, discussing this very topic…

But each and every one of them has a different opinion.

You’re sure there’s something valuable in all of that tangled information… If only you had the time and energy to filter it all.


So maybe you ask your mom or a friend of yours and gather some useful tips but still feel like a few pieces are missing...


And so you start asking yourself: “Is this food going to be healthy for my baby?”. “Is this food going to hurt them?” “Can this food cause an allergic reaction?” "What if my baby chokes with this food?"

Let’s take out all the guesswork and maximize the important role first foods play in your child’s health.

Be intentional with your baby’s nutrition NOW and you can...

  • Minimize the risk of picky eating                  

  • Provide all the nutrients your little one needs to continue to grow

  • Decrease the likelihood of developing food allergies

  • Raise a child that will eat just about anything

Food library course cards (22).png

Feeding your baby shouldn't be the enemy. It should be fun...but it sometimes gets stressful, and a little confusing too. Inside of this 12-month online program you will have access to:

  • All the resources you need to safely start your baby on solid food with a focus on real food.

  • The support you want to help your baby move beyond the simple starter foods and grow up to be a happy independent eater!

Imagine what it will feel like when your baby is eating barley, peanuts, pumpkin, steak, artichoke...all easily prepared in a SAFE, age-appropriate manner that meets your baby’s nutritional and developmental needs, and can fit into your BUSY mama schedule.

But I have so much on my plate right now!

How can I safely start my baby on solid food with a focus on real food? Can my baby even eat so many different foods?

Mother Working from Home

Yes, your baby can eat real and wholesome food SAFELY, JOYFULLY, and INDENPENDENTLY!

Most babies can eat a HUGE variety of foods, especially during their first years of life. Babies are born to eat, and if given the opportunity they can impressively be very INDEPENDENT and JOYFUL eaters from their first bite. 

Did you know that the foods we learn to like by age 2 are the foods we tend to eat as adults? And studies have shown that babies who are exposed to a large variety of foods, flavors, tastes and textures early and often are more likely to be independent eaters and less likely to be picky eaters.

Yes, you can feed your baby REAL and WHOLESOME food and still have a LIFE! I believe in you, mama! You should too!

But real, nutritious, age-appropriate foods don’t just magically appear on your baby’s tray! 

That's why Priscila, Pediatric Dietitian and BUSY Mom of two babies, two and under, has developed the most comprehensive Food Library that will walk you step-by-step through selecting, preparing and safely feeding your baby more than 100 different foods.


All the components of this program were created from

up to date, expertly reviewed information and organized it into bite sized pieces.  The goal: give you a flexible, safe, and practical system to support your baby’s feeding needs. 

But What works for one baby doesn't always work for another!

That's why you need ACCOUNTABILITY and ongoing SUPPORT. You need a place to go where you can get answers to your feeding questions and concerns so you can meet your baby's specific feeding needs as soon as they arise.  

With the Feeding as They Grow Academy you can get 12-month access to video classes (pre-recorded and live) to learn at your own pace and convenience; an exclusive and easy to follow step-by-step framework that simplifies the introduction of new foods into your baby’s diet; ongoing support and accountability to ease your way through the early months of solids SAFELY and SANELY!



The process of training babies’ food preferences through safe exposure to a wide variety of foods during the first years of life.


Both parents and children have important roles in the feeding process, and understanding this healthy relationship is the secret to making the journey stress free.  


Well-rounded approach that combines two feeding strategies (Baby-led Weaning and spoon feeding purees) to develop a flexible feeding plan that suits the needs of every child.


How to succeed in feeding step by step!

The Feeding As They Grow Academy is your roadmap to raising happy little eaters through joyful and confident feeding.

Let’s see how this breaks down...

Baby To Table Food Library

A searchable list with more than 100 foods* that you can introduce to your baby during their first year and beyond. Detailed information, demo videos, and pictures about how to select, prepare and offer that food to your baby. Foods from all major food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, animal and plant protein, "Big 8" also known as the most common allergenic foods). Exclusive recipes that the whole family can eat. You will never struggle again with knowing WHAT and HOW to feed your baby! 

*When you sign up you’ll automatically gain access to 8 FOODS, then you will gain access to 4 NEW FOODS A WEEK that you can introduce into your baby’s diet at your own pace! This is called drip content where you receive the content bit by bit until you have access to the full library. This helps you not feel too overwhelmed with a ton of information being dumped on you all at once ;)


Food library course cards (24).png

A step-by-step feeding plan designed to guide you through the introduction of the first 100+ foods. This is a complete meal plan with everything you need to SAFELY expand your baby’s diet including exposing them to the most common food allergens, reducing the risk for food allergies later in life, as well as minimizing picky eating. Broken down in 30 weeks with 4 new foods a week; at-a-glance editable weekly and daily menus; easy recipes suitable for babies and the whole family; first foods and allergen tracking worksheet. 

Food library course cards (20).png

More than 20 bite size video lessons (5-10 minutes each) covering basic information and common questions related to starting solids and transitioning babies to table food. You can watch as many times as you need and whenever is convenient for you, even when you’re rocking your little one back asleep at 3 AM! Accessable, yet detailed printable guides for a quick reference whenever you need to remember something you learned in one of the videos. 

Food library course cards (21).png

12-month access to Feeding As They Grow Classroom, a private and small community on Instagram so you can get ongoing professional support and fast answers to your present and upcoming feeding questions. It includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Priscila, pediatric dietician and founder of Baby To Table Nutrition.  Collaborations with expert guest speakers in the parenting arena. And priority DM reply. 

"Priscila uses research, personal experience, nutrition information, and all the things we as moms want for our kids, without being forceful. She listens and understands your fears of feeding our little ones new things and helps you through those fears all while not being forceful or putting pressure on you to do things you aren’t comfortable with yet."

Arielle, baby Emmie's Mom


"Priscila helped me learn how to balance my baby's meals, and how to optimize his iron intake. I also learned how important it is to trust my baby in the feeding process. Our meal times are one of the most pleasant times of the day. I can't thank her enough!"

Nina, baby Ollie's Mom

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(12-month Access)

Choose FATG Academy BASIC if:

  • Your baby is 4 -18 months old.

  • Your baby is about to start solids or has just started eating solids (regardless of age).

  • Your baby is transitioning from spoon-feeding to finger foods.

  • You want know how to select, prepare, and offer nutritious and safe first foods for your baby.

  • You want easy real food recipes suitable for the whole family.

  • You don't want or need ongoing support and accountability in this journey.


(12-month Access)

Choose FATG Academy PREMIUM if:

  • Your baby is 4 -18 months old.

  • Your baby is about to start solids or has just started eating solids (regardless of age).

  • Your baby is transitioning from spoon-feeding to finger foods.

  • You want to know how to select, prepare, and offer nutritious and safe first foods for your baby.

  • You want easy-to-follow, yet detailed DAILY MEAL PLANS for starting solids, and easy real food recipes suitable for the whole family.

  • You want to be proactive in reducing risk of food allergies and picky eating.

  • You want ongoing professional support, accountability, and community as you raise your little eater.

Enroll Feeding As They Grow Academy Basic Now!

Enroll Feeding As They Grow  Academy Premium  Now!

But what if it’s not your first time being a parent?

The insights you will find in this program are exhaustive enough to provide everyone with a rich, well-rounded experience that’s valuable both for new mamas and pros! Whether it’s helping 1st time mom design and implement a fresh feeding routine or offering tweaks and assurance to an already well-oiled machine for our more seasoned mamas, you will find this program to benefit all walks of life.

Let's raise a generation of healthy, happy, and independent eaters together!

pri jan 2017-1997.jpg

Priscila Cleary, Dietitian and Mom of Two

As a dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping other mamas feed their babies with joy and confidence from the very first bite. There are so many opinions and resources out there, sometimes confusing parents and making feeding more complicated than it should be.

When I first started looking for resources to help me start solids with my son, I realized how some of the recommendations about feeding babies can be intimidating to parents, and can hinder, rather than encourage, a our desire to feed our baby the best way possible. 

Every family is different, and you have the say so when it comes to how to feed your baby, mama. But I'm here to help you, support you, and share with you the knowledge you need to be confident in your feeding choices!

The Feeding as They Grow Academy will be one of the most important investments in the early life of your little one. It will provide you with simple, practical tools and continual support while transitioning your baby to solids.

No matter the starting point, this program is the guidance you were seeking…

So don’t wait for the stress to pile on or until you’re at your wits end researching your 100th question on the internet: learn everything you need and gain peace of mind! 


But hurry up! Spots are filling up quickly… in order to provide high quality, ongoing support on a consistent basis, space is limited. One thing is for sure - these unbeatable prices won’t be available come next enrollment.


Don’t miss out and make sure to jump in before the chance is gone!

Enroll now to provide your child with the best feeding plan on the market, and get started on this adventure together!

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