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Preparing to Eat With Your Baby


The basics you want (and need) to know to start feeding your baby, all in one place! ✨WHEN you should start solids ✨WHAT you should feed your baby ✨HOW to feed them, and more ​You can give your baby a safe start to solid foods! This on-demand 3-hour workshop will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to wean well. Get the workshop NOW to start your baby's feeding journey, step-by-step, with video lessons, and printable guides at your fingertips! WITH THIS WORKSHOP YOU'LL LEARN: ✅Why do babies need to start eating solid ✅The REAL signs of readiness for first foods ✅What are the pros and cons of each feeding method - Purees vs. Baby-led Weaning vs. Baby-led Feeding (or Mixed approach) ✅How to give babies the nutrients they need beyond 6 months ✅What are the best first foods for babies ✅How to get started with solids and answers to your hesitations and worries This workshop focuses on helping you guide your baby as they form a healthy relationship with eating and the building blocks of nutrition you need to know to nourish your growing baby. Led by Priscila, pediatric dietitian, feeding expert, and mom of three. WHAT'S INCLUDED: ✅6 months access - so you can go at your own pace ✅5 modules containing a total of 15 short video lessons (5-10 minutes each) ✅15+printable guides for a quick reference THIS IS A GREAT OPTION FOR YOUR FAMILY IF: ✅Baby is 4-6 months old ✅Baby is about to start solids or had just started eating solids, regardless of age





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