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Let Me Show You How To Get Your Baby To Eat 100+ New Foods By Their First Birthday WITHOUT Losing Your Mind.

Bypass the blog posts and Facebook groups with no credentials, and take the lead on building your baby’s taste for good healthy food TODAY!

With the “Feeding as They Grow” program, you’ll be enrolled in a comprehensive program that is entirely focused on helping parents like you seamlessly transition their babies from milk to solids, while cultivating a healthy relationship with food from the first bite.

  • No inaccurate and outdated baby “nutrition” information. 

  • No stressful feeding transitions for you and your baby.

  • No time wasted on neverending research and figuring it out on your own.

  • No need for expensive baby food products.

This online program will meet you and your baby right at the crossroads between their ever-changing dietary needs and lead you hand in hand towards their first Birthday while making sure they stay safe and healthy.


"Priscila helped me learn how to balance my baby's meals, and how to optimize his iron intake. I also learned how important it is to trust my baby in the feeding process. My baby and I still have meal times as one of the most pleasant times of the day. I can't thank her enough!"

Nina, baby Ollie's Mom

So you have successfully been helping your baby thrive over the last few months with breast milk and/or formula...and that’s no small job, so take a second to pat yourself on the back!


By now, you probably have realized that it’s time to take the next step keeping your baby healthy and growing.  It’s time to start solids...but how do you start this process?

Being a parent isn’t easy… at all.

You are constantly required to be focused, juggle your many duties, and your baby’s care to boot!.

Does this sound familiar? Feed your baby; change their diaper; cuddle them to sleep; play with them; keep current on doctor’s appointments; be awakened in the middle of the night to put them back to sleep…

The list goes on… and that’s just the first few months!

So you’re probably a sleep-deprived, exhausted parent…

And, even if you do all of this with extreme pleasure and love towards your child, you’re lacking time to do anything else but take care of them. Juggling work and parenthood isn’t easy, especially when you strive to provide your baby with everything they need, including a nutritious and well-balanced diet.


Therefore, when the time comes for you to tackle your baby’s transition to solid foods, you are taken by surprise. 


Where to get credible information? Who to ask? How to start?


You turn to the old, “trustworthy” Internet, scavenging for answers.

Moms from all over the world unite in Facebook groups and forums, discussing this very topic…

But each and every one of them has a different opinion.

You’re sure there’s something valuable in that mess of tangled information… If only you had the time and energy to filter it all.


So maybe you ask your mom or a friend of yours and gather some useful tips but still feel like a few pieces are missing...


And so you start asking yourself: “Is this food going to be healthy for my baby?”. “Is this food going to hurt them?” “Is food before one really just for fun?”.

Let’s take out all the guesswork and maximize the important role first foods play in your child’s life.

Being intentional with your baby’s nutrition NOW will help:


  • Limit the risk of picky eating                   

  • Avoid nutritional gaps and deficiencies

  • Reduce the likelihood of developing food allergies

  • Shape your child’s palate for a wide variety of healthy foods



The “Feeding as They Grow” program has been created for parents just like you, perhaps feeling overwhelmed in this delicate moment of your baby’s development. It is the only online program that not only provides you with comprehensive, evidence-based instruction but also empowers you with the tools and support you need when cultivating your baby’s feeding needs.


From the first few lessons, you’ll start to see the confusion fade and a clear mindset emerge, enabling you to make confident decisions and allowing you to build a solid feeding routine that works best for your child.


Priscila, the Pediatric Dietitian and developer of the course, has created the entire program from up to date, expertly reviewed information and organized it into bite sized pieces.  The goal: give you a flexible, safe, and practical system to support your baby’s feeding needs. 

Ultimately, your baby will experience food as a fun, wholesome process while you can rest peacefully knowing that their nutritional needs are being met.

But you have so much on your plate right now!

How can you be intentional with you baby's nutrition without loosing your mind? How can you feed them the best way possible?


What works for one baby doesn't always work for another!

This is the reason why you need an effective plan of action to meet your baby's feeding needs as soon as they come up.  

The “Feeding as They Grow” program consists of 8 months worth of video content and coaching support to ease your way through the early months of infanthood safely and sanely.

This exclusive and easy to follow system simplifies the introduction of new foods into your baby’s diet in a consistent and safe format.  You will have exposed your baby to more than 100 different foods by the time they turn ONE! What a great accomplishment!



The process of training babies’ food preferences through safe exposure to a wide variety of foods during the first years of life.


Both parents and children have important roles in the feeding process, and understanding this healthy relationship is the secret to making the journey stress free.  


Well-rounded approach that combines two feeding strategies (Baby-led Weaning and spoon feeding purees) to develop a flexible feeding plan that suits the needs of every child.


Early exposure of infants to the most common food allergens (dairy, eggs, peanut/tree nuts, fish/shellfish, wheat, and soy) according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) recommendations and guidelines. EAI has been shown to reduce infant's risk of developing food allergies.  



How to succeed in feeding step by step!

The Feeding As They Grow Process is your roadmap to raising happy little eaters through joyful and confident feeding.

Let’s see how this breaks down...

Phase 1: Preparing To Eat With Your Baby

Here, you will set the necessary knowledge foundation and mindset before you head into the first bites.

Here is where the fun begins, you will dive into the heart of starting the transition to solids.

Now you are knee deep in the thick of it! Expand, enhance, and automate - that’s the name of the game for baby’s feeding routine.

Happy birthday, baby! You are now on your way to grow into a healthy, adventurous eater!

Orientation course cards (1).png

8 months access to complete video based material broken down into 5-10 minute lessons for easy, quick learning so you don’t get overwhelmed and can fit it into your busy day.

24/7 on demand access to the videos so you can watch whenever you want!  Even at 3 in the morning when you’re snuggling your baby back to sleep. 

The program is broken down into 4 phases so you can have a step by step plan and system that matches each of your baby’s stages of development and nutritional need.


No need to memorize everything you will learn because you will also have access to 20+ exclusive lesson specific digital handouts, food lists, feeding schedules, and guides for quick reference and application of everything learned.

And the program isn't just video lessons... 

Get 8 months of full support, accountability, and feedback to help you feed your baby with joy and confidence!


8 months of ongoing support from

a Pediatric Dietitian

Book feeding coaching sessions with Priscila as often as you like during the biweekly group office hours. Get answers to your feeding questions, direct feedback, and the attention you need to help you feed your growing baby.

Fit it into your busy schedule by blocking off a time, then show up for only your spot or stay for the whole call to listen to others sessions. 


8 months access to the exclusive

Feeding As They Grow Resources Library

Easily find all handouts, food lists, feeding schedules, and guides for quick access. With new resources being added on a regular basis.


PLUS answers to the most FAQ about starting solids asked by members of the program will be added to the library on a regular basis as well.


8 months access

to our private online support group

Tap into our private community and 

connect with an amazing group of parents going through the same process you are. Ask questions, share successes/struggles, and get in with an awesome tribe!

You’re just a post away from getting support and guidance right when you need it.


8 months access to the exclusive Feeding As They Grow Food Library


Information about how to buy, prep and offer meat, vegetables, fruit, and grains, complete with videos and pictures of food preparation, and more babies eating! Plus recipe suggestions. Perfect meals and snacks for the whole family!

So let’s recap all you get…


But what if it’s not your first time being a parent?

The insights you will find in this course are exhaustive enough to provide everyone with a rich, well-rounded experience that’s valuable both for new parents and pros! Whether it’s helping 1st time parents design and implement a fresh feeding routine or offering tweaks and assurance to an already well-oiled machine for our more seasoned parents, you will find this program to benefit all walks of life.

Not sure if this program is for you and your little one? Let's discuss more. 


You can get all of this (and more) for JUST...


The Feeding As They Grow Video Course so you can expose your baby to 100+ new foods by the time they are one in a safe and sane way.   

Biweekly feeding coaching sessions with direct support from Priscila. 

The Resources Library for quick reference and application of everything learned.

The Food Library for inspirations of perfect meals and snacks for the whole family!

A private community of other amazing parents for extra support, guidance and feedback.



The Feeding As They Grow video course
Biweekly personalized feeding coaching
Weekly accountability check-ins
Private community
Resource Library
Food Library


$995 USD

The Feeding As They Grow video course
Biweekly personalized feeding coaching
Weekly accountability check-ins
Private community
Resource Library
Food Library

Anchor 1

"Priscila uses research, personal experience, nutrition information, and all the things we as moms want for our kids, without being forceful. She listens and understands your fears of feeding our little ones new things and helps you through those fears all while not being forceful or putting pressure on you to do things you aren’t comfortable with yet."

Arielle, baby Emmie's Mom

When it comes to your baby’s well-being, trying to save a few bucks is not the best approach: after all, it’s a matter of health.

IMAGINE what it would mean to have a constant, safe source of information to turn to wherever you’re in need...

IMAGINE having the knowledge of a Pediatric Dietitian literally at your elbow, guiding you step by step for more than half a year, following you and your baby in each stage of their weaning journey, and helping you out whenever you get stuck…

The price is a bargain, considering the overall value for the wealth of information and support you’ll receive by enrolling.


Moreover, joining the program will save you greatly in time, money, and convenience in the long run compared to trying to piecemeal your way through this vital stage.  What a relief to be able to simply send a quick email to get the help you need!


And it will also allow you to save a pretty nice chunk of change otherwise spent on all things baby food galore.  The “Feeding as They Grow” program encourages and shows parents how to feed their baby with the same foods the rest of the family eats (obviously with small modifications tailored to your baby’s safety needs).  No need preparing two and three different meals!


This way, you’ll easily keep more than $150 per month in your wallet that would otherwise be spent on overpriced baby food products.

And, as if this isn’t enough… By enrolling right now, you’ll get a very special BONUS!

Two one-on-one 30 minute Zoom calls ($150 value) with me (Priscila, your Pediatric Dietitian!) for extra support and accountability, and to help you troubleshoot and problem solve specific questions or concerns when it comes to feeding your baby.

pri jan 2017-1997.jpg

Priscila Cleary, Dietitian and Mom of Two

As a dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping parents learn how to feed their babies with joy and confidence from the very first bite. There are so many opinions and resources out there, sometimes confusing parents and making feeding more complicated than it should be.

When I first started looking for resources to help me start solids with my son, I realized how some of the recommendations about feeding babies can be intimidating to parents, and can hinder, rather than encourage, a parent's desire to feed their baby the best way possible. 

Every family is different, and you have the say so when it comes to how to feed your baby. But I'm here to help you, support you, and share with you the knowledge you need to be confident in your feeding choices!

No matter the starting point, this online program is the guidance you were seeking…

So don’t wait for the stress to pile on or until you’re at your wits end researching your 100th question on the internet: learn everything you need and boost confidence in your feeding skills! 


But hurry up! Spots are filling up quickly… in order to provide high quality, ongoing support on a consistent basis, space is limited. One thing is for sure - these unbeatable prices won’t be available come next fall enrollment.


Don’t miss out and make sure to jump in before the chance is gone!

Enroll now to provide your child with the best feeding plan on the market, and get started on this adventure together!


The “Feeding as They Grow” program will be one of the most important investments in the early life of your little one. It will provide you with simple, practical tools and continual support while transitioning your baby to solids.

  • What is the Feeding as They Grow program?
    The Feeding as They Grow is a COMPREHENSIVE, EVIDENCE-BASED program that focuses on helping parents and their infants transition from milk (breast or formula) to solids and beyond. It is delivered in a NURTURING environment via INTERACTIVE COACHING and a WEALTH of online material with long-term ACCESS to a Registered Dietitian.
  • Why should I start now?
    There is no better time to start than NOW!! Spots fill up quickly and are limited. We don’t want you to miss out or have to wait until the next program cycle is offered. If you are considering allowing us to join you on your infant’s JOURNEY, jump in, and you will not be disappointed.
  • Can’t I just do this on my own?
    Why struggle with questions like “Is my baby ready to try solids?”, “Is this food healthy for my baby?”, or “Is this food going to hurt my baby?” This program is designed to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your baby’s nutrition. It will complement your parenting and walk you through the process of providing OPTIMAL nutrition for your growing baby. I’m convinced your good parental instincts will foster healthy nutrition for your baby regardless, but there’s no need to do it alone or waste precious time. The Feeding as They Grow program will give you the CONFIDENCE and support to make sure your baby gets off on the right start from the first bite!
  • Can’t I just consult a dietitian and get the same thing?
    You can certainly pay a nice consulting fee for limited access and information that will likely change as your infant continues to grow. Isolated consults are neither easy on the wallet nor your schedule and any parent of a young baby knows time is precious. Not knocking those that provide nutrition consulting services for their clients, but how much better to have ACCESS to a dietitian for a year at a fraction of the cost!
  • What this program is not offering?
    While acting under the credentials as a Registered Dietitian (R.D.), we do not provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for individual clients. No formal medical recommendations, diagnoses, or specific diets will be prescribed to clients nor any physical encounters will take place. A provider-patient relationship will not be established. Any medical concerns pertaining to your baby should be discussed with your child’s medical provider. Individual nutrition consults outside the Feeding as They Grow program will not be provided.
  • What is special about the length of the program?
    Would you prefer a few random facts about an infant’s dynamic nutritional needs or instead, PRACTICAL and TRANSFERABLE knowledge and skills that you can use for your first or second baby and beyond? Think of this as a PROCESS that allows you and your baby to transition through their precious, early months in a SAFE and EVIDENCED-BASED way. This doesn’t happen after reading one blog post or one consult, but rather through a LOGICAL and EASY to understand learning format. Think of this program as one of the first and most important INVESTMENTS in the early life of your little one.
  • Aren’t there similar programs available that are cheaper?
    The old saying “You get what you pay for” certainly applies! Why try to save a buck when it comes to the health and well being of your baby? Again, our prices are more than GENEROUS and ultimately reflect a BARGAIN when considering the wealth of INFORMATION and SUPPORT our clients receive.
  • What if I already have children?
    Whether this is your first time navigating the challenges of infanthood or you’re a pro, the knowledge and skills you learn through this interactive program surely are APPLICABLE. Rest assured, if this is your first child, let us help you RELIEVE your stress surrounding starting solids. If you are on your second or third child and feel like your experience with your first child was suboptimal when it came to establishing solid nutrition habits, again, rest assured the Feeding as They Grow program will ensure you achieve CONFIDENCE this go around!
  • What if I can’t pay for the entire program at once?
    We offer FLEXIBLE payment options whether you prefer to pay all at once or throughout the course of the program. Take note of the DISCOUNT available for those who pay in full at time of purchase!
  • I’m concerned about food allergies. Is this program right for my baby?
    While the Feeding as They Grow program addresses general dietary principles and considerations pertaining to common food allergies, any concern regarding a confirmed food allergy or a strong family history of food allergies should be discussed with your child’s medical provider. No formal medical advice or management of a child’s allergy will be offered. Nevertheless, you and your infant will certainly still benefit from the nutrition education afforded to you through the Feeding as They Grow program.
  • I’m concerned about my baby choking. How does this program address this?
    General considerations and education will be given throughout the program regarding choking, but no medical recommendations will be given if you feel your baby is at higher risk of choking. Consulting with your medical provider early is of paramount importance. The risk of choking is unfortunately a reality for any child regardless of whether they partake in this program or not. Nonetheless, we feel an educated parent is better suited to reduce the risk of choking significantly by following appropriate baby cues and evidence-based recommendations. Please see our disclaimer and program materials for further information.
  • In what format is this program presented?
    The Feeding as They Grow program is delivered via a virtual platform that includes online videos, reading material/handouts, virtual group coaching sessions and a virtual COMMUNITY!
  • What kind of time commitment is required for the program?
    While your involvement in the program takes place throughout your infant’s early months, your time commitment is very MANAGEABLE and SELF-PACED. You drive the ship and ultimately utilize the material to your liking and need. We will be here to hold your hand along the way. There is no shame for “falling behind” or skipping throughout the educational content. However, we feel you will get the most out of the program by partaking in as many educational formats provided to you. Have FUN with it!
  • What is your refund policy?
    Given the nature of downloadable digital items, we do not offer refunds on purchases. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please let us know and we will do our best to make things right.

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