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Everything you want (and need) to know to start feeding your baby, all in one place!

  • WHEN you should start solids. Is my baby really ready for solids?

  • WHAT to feed your baby to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. 

  • HOW to feed them by using a baby-led approach, and more!

You can give your baby a safe start to solid foods! This self-paced 3-hour course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to wean well. 

Sign up for FATG: The First Bites NOW to start your baby-led feeding journey, step-by-step, with video lessons, and printable guides at your fingertips!

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Are you getting ready to introduce solids to your baby? Do I have a treat for you! Sign up for this

self-paced 3-hour baby-led feeding course, and you'll learn about:

  • Why babies need to start eating solids

  • The REAL signs of readiness for first foods - and identifying your baby's "window of opportunity"

  • Pros and Cons of each feeding method - Purees vs. Baby-led Weaning vs. Baby-led Feeding (or Mixed approach)

  • Why baby-led feeding can offer benefits beyond only spoon feeding purees or BLW

  • The mindset you need to master this weaning method, with printable guides to keep you focused

  • How to give babies the nutrients they need beyond 6 months (with a downloadable guide!)

  • Best first 10 foods for babies 

  • Getting started with Baby-led Feeding and answers to your hesitations and worries

This is a great, foundational course to launch your baby into starting solids. The First Bites focuses on setting you and your baby up for success from the start by cultivating a healthy transition and relationship to solids. The core principles outlined in this course will serve as a great investment to the ongoing nourishment of your growing baby.


Begin your first foods journey now!


"Priscila helped me learn how to balance my baby's meals, and how to optimize his iron intake. I also learned how important it is to trust my baby in the feeding process. Our meal times are one of the most pleasant times of the day. I can't thank her enough!"

Nina, baby Ollie's Mom

FATG phase 1 course cards (23).png

You'll gain 6 months access to 5 modules containing bite size video lessons (5-10 minutes each) so you can watch it as many times as you need. Watch whenever is convenient for you, even when you’re rocking your little one back asleep at 3 AM! 


Plus printable/downloadable guides for a quick reference whenever you need to remember something you learned in one of the videos. You'll 'graduate' FATG: The First Bites feeling confident about introducing solids to your baby and ready to handle any mealtime challenges to come!

This is a great option for your family if:

  • Your baby is 0 -12 months old 

  • Your baby is about to start solids or has just started eating solids (regardless of age)

  • You started your baby on solids with spoon feeding/purees approach and are now ready to explore the Baby-led Feeding approach

  • You want to learn more about Baby-led Feeding / compare methods

This is a self-paced 3-hour video course led by Priscila, pediatric dietitian, feeding expert, and mom of two. The videos can be paused, replayed, and rewatched at any time!

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Priscila Cleary, Dietitian and Mom of Two

As a dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping other mamas feed their babies with joy and confidence from the very first bite. There are so many opinions and resources out there, sometimes confusing parents and making feeding more complicated than it should be.

When I first started looking for resources to help me start solids with my son, I realized how some of the recommendations about feeding babies can be intimidating to parents, and can hinder, rather than encourage, our desire to feed our baby the best way possible. 

Every family is different, and you have the say so when it comes to how to feed your baby, mama. But I'm here to help you, support you, and share with you the knowledge you need to be confident in your feeding choices!

And, as if this isn’t enough… By enrolling right now, you’ll get a very special BONUS!

An additional module with videos of babies eating independently at 6, 9, and 12 months, so you can have a pretty clear idea of what Baby-led Feeding looks like in practice. Plus meal combinations to inspire you and give you examples of how to offer perfectly balanced and nutritious meals to your baby!


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