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Join Priscila, founder and pediatric dietitian from
Baby To Table Nutrition, in this FREE 5 day video series. 

You finally have your baby's milk feeds figured out, and suddenly they're ready for food! Overwhelming, right? 

Help is coming your way! In this workshop, you will learn all the basics about giving your baby a safe and fun start to solid foods. 


June 8th-12th @ 4 pm EST

How it works:

  1. Sign up and receive a freebie - the Quick-Start Guide To Solids - so you can start boosting your feeding skills right away. 

  2. Download the workbook to follow along the video classes in the workshop.

  3. Watch 5 live videos over 5 days (about 15 minutes each; replays will be available to watch later if you can't join us live).

  4. Start implementing evidence-based strategies, and start joyful and confident feeding with your baby form their very first bite. 

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