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A 4 Steps Guide to Reduce the Risk of Babies and Toddlers Choking at Mealtimes

From someone who also felt ANXIOUS about my baby possibly choking when we first started solids, I know what it's like to fear each bite your baby takes...but it doesn't have to be this way.


You can gain the knowledge and the confidence to help reduce your baby's risk of choking and help you have peace of mind at mealtimes.

What's included: A forever yours 22-page downloadable PDF Guide

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between gagging and choking

  • How to deal with gagging

  • How to deal with choking

  • Basic steps to prevent choking during meals

  • The top choking hazard foods for babies and toddlers

  • Safe food sizes and shapes for babies and toddlers

This guide is a great option for your family if:

  • Your child is between 6 months to 3 years old of age

  • Your child is a baby or a toddler who is eating or transitioning to finger foods

  • You're anxious about offering finger foods, gagging, and choking

  • You want to be proactive in reducing your child's risk of choking at mealtimes





baby Emmie's Mom

One of my biggest fears and concerns has always been choking. It’s still a fear I deal with, however, by learning about the gag reflex and with Priscila's support, I am able to give my daughter foods that I know are appropriate for her age and that are also full of the nutrients she is needs.

pri jan 2017-1997.jpg

If we haven't met yet...


Hi! I'm Pri ("Pree").👋🏽I’m so glad you made it to this page. 

As a dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping other mamas feed their babies with joy and confidence from the very first bite. There are so many opinions and resources out there, sometimes confusing parents and making feeding more complicated than it should be.

When I first started looking for resources to help me start solids with my son, I realized how some of the recommendations about feeding babies can be intimidating to parents, and can hinder, rather than encourage, a our desire to feed our baby the best way possible. 

Every family is different, and you have the say so when it comes to how to feed your baby, mama. But I'm here to help you, support you, and share with you the knowledge you need to be confident in your feeding choices!

Priscila Cleary, Dietitian and Mom of Two


The SIT-CHOP-CHEW-WATCH! A 4-Step Guide to Reduce the Risk of Babies and Toddlers Choking at Meals covers everything you need for dealing with gagging, reducing the risk of choking during mealtimes, and offering safe food sizes and shapes to your child.


It contains 22 pages of evidence-based advice that empowers you with the resources to make the best nutrition decisions for your growing little one and help you have peace of mind at the table.

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