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Welcome to Baby To Table Blog! Your evidence-based home for baby and toddler nutrition.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Welcome to Baby To Table blog, your evidence-based home for baby and toddler nutrition. Here you will find practical solutions for feeding your little one with more joy and confidence, and less stress and guilt. I'm eager to share with you ideas and tips on how to nourish your family the best way possible. Mealtimes can be easy and stress-free. I can’t wait to show you how!

Helping Parents Raise Happy Little Eaters Through Joyful And Confident Feeding

As a mom and dietitian, I believe that sharing meals is an essential part of a strong family life. From eating together as a family, children learn to appreciate good, healthy food, the effort it takes to cook it, and the value of fellowship with one another. I also know that good food doesn’t magically appear on the table by itself. So through my work as a Dietitian and most importantly - a mom - I’ve brought together a ton of great info here at Baby to Table Nutrition to help you feed your family in the best way possible.

My focus is on both WHAT to feed your kids, as well as HOW to feed your kids. Those two aspects of feeding matters equally. I believe that children should learn to see food as important for a healthy body and growth, and not focus too much on weight or body shape. I focus not just on the different nutrients that go into healthy foods, but mainly on how to build balanced meals by including a wide variety of foods.

You'll never hear me advocate for any diet, as I believe in eating food that you and your family likes, not what someone tells you that you should eat. My goal is to empower you with evidence-based information, real mom life experience, tools, and resources to help you feel confident that what you are feeding your kids will help them be as healthy as possible throughout their life.

And because I'm VERY excited you're here, and I can't wait to start helping you boost your feeding confidence... I have a little gift for you: my FREE Quick-Start Guide to solids 🎁

Meet Priscila, The Dietitian And Mom Behind Baby To Table Nutrition

I am Priscila, but you can call me Pri ("Pree"). I am a full-time mom to an energetic 2-year old and the happiest little baby (10 months). I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but have been living in the US since 2012.

I completed my dietetics training in Brazil (UFRJ) and in the US (Florida State University), and I’ve worked full-time as a Registered Dietitian helping different groups of people - including children, pregnant women, and bariatric patients - to develop a healthy and positive relationship with food. Now I spend my days sharing life with my little ones, helping parents feed to succeed, and keeping two big furry boys from eating the food left behind from said baby and toddler.

My specialty area is in infant and toddler feeding - including baby-led weaning. I create affordable digital resources and online programs for parents and caregivers to cut through all of the nutrition noise and decrease the overwhelmed feeling and stress of feeding babies and families. I’m passionate about helping parents raise happy little eaters through joyful and confident feeding!

Click here to learn more about my story and the reason why I started Baby To Table Nutrition.

What To Expect From Baby To Table Blog

On this blog, I'll share with you my passion and knowledge for feeding babies and families. That includes feeding tips, evidence-based recommendations from credited health organizations, my personal and professional opinion about trending topics regarding baby and toddler nutrition, and my personal experience feeding two, under two, little ones.

I invite you to respond, add comments, make suggestions and even disagree - with one caveat:

Please keep comments relevant to the conversations taking place, maintain respect for all those involved, and contribute value and depth to the discussion. I will moderate comments and quickly remove (or not publish) any that are offensive, disrespectful, or irrelevant.

Thank you for reading, visiting, and being part of the Baby To Table “Tribe”. Let me know about any feeding questions I can help you with.

Happy Eating and Feeding,



Recommended Guides and Classes

My passion is to help you feed your child with confidence from the very first bite!

Starting solids with your baby and helping your child learn to like healthy foods can be simple and stress-free. I can’t wait to share with you how!

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>>Work with Priscila

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